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Solar PV

Why Solar PV is so Important...

The Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy.  It will never end and it is totally free.  With today's technologies, this source of power can be converted into energy for use in our homes or businesses.  Nature has provided us with a never ending source of energy, so it makes sense to utilise it and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  Solar has no emissions. It just silently generates pure, clean energy

Solar PV (Photovoltaics)

The term PhotoVoltaics is applied to describe the conversion of light into electricity using semi-conductor materials.  The term Photovoltaics is derived from "Photons" and "Voltaic".  Photons is a bundle of electromagnetic energy, which is the very basic unit of light/nature.  Voltaics is referenced as  the concept of electricity

Sunset on Solar Panels
Installing Solar Panels

Advantages of Installing Solar PV

  • Inexhaustible Renewable Energy

  • It has multiple applications (from home & business to space craft engineering)

  • Requires very little maintenance

  • Installation time is fast, usually within one day

  • Reduces electrical bills, giving you free energy

  • Allows you Electrical Independence from the Energy Suppliers 

  • More control over your expenses

  • Increases the value of your home/business

  • Saves CO2 emitted into the atmosphere

  • Grant Assistance with Cost

  • Payback for excess energy exported back to the Grid

Dis-advantages of Installing Solar PV

  • Weather dependent - weather can cause performance losses

  • Requires sufficient space (a 3kW system would take approx 15sqm)

Choosing to Install a Solar PV system on your home or business

Choose your Installation Company

The most important aspect of choosing your Solar PV Installation Team is to make sure you know the experience of the actual team that will be carrying out your installation, whether they are Registered with Safe Electric and the SEAI (download the list for the most up-to-date details) and last, but definitely not least, what is the lead/wait time before your installation can take place.

NB: Remember and also choose a BER Assessor.

Choose your Solar PV System

Once you have chosen your Solar PV Provider.  You should be given a full detailed report with the following information:-

  • System Size

  • Daily Solar kWh Generation

  • Equipment Details and Options - Panels, Inverter, Battery, Hot Water Diverter etc

  • Total System Price

  • Grant Amount

  • Net System Price

  • An overview image of how the panels will be positioned on your roof

  • Yearly System Performance Per Month, showing Total Consumption and how much is Self-Consumption versus how much is exported back to the grid

  • Environmental Benefits over the Systems Lifetime

  • How your system works

  • The payback period (how long it will take for the cost of your system to be paid back

  • The Full Terms and Conditions/Your Contract with the Installation Company

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