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Solar PV for your Home

Solar PV is one of the best home improvements you can do in the current financial climate.  No one system is the same.  The system that suits your home will be dependent on many factors e.g. roof orientation, size of roof, shading from surrounding trees, budget, consumption times during day or night etc....  It sounds like a lot, but don't worry we will go through all of these factors in detail with you.

Solar panels
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How Do Solar Panels Work?

  • When the sun rises, the panels are activated by the light. 

  • The Solar Cells in the Panel then continuously provide an electrical DC current.

  • The Inverter that is fitted into your attic, then converts the DC current to AC current.

  • This is the energy that you normally use throughout your home and that you pay your Utility Provider for.

  • For any excess power that you are producing, instead of exporting it back to the National Grid, you can use a Hot Water Diverter, to heat the water in your tank.

  • Any further excess power can be stored in a battery for use later.

  • Once you have hot water and a full battery, the excess then sent back to the Grid will earn you money from the Government under the Micro-Generation Support Scheme.

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